With all that’s been happening in the world this past 1 1/2 years, it’s important to live in continuous gratitude and remember that there is still a lot of beauty in the world, mostly provided by nature. In her challenge, Amy reminds us that there is a lot around us locally to be grateful for. Photography brings me into that world. At least once a week I go out with friends to capture people, places, animals and things that bring joy into my life.

I’m happy to share some of them with you from this year alone. Please read the captions for information.

This scene in Port Costa presented a beautiful and natural frame around the bridge emerging from the fog in the distance.

Thank you Amy for helping us to remember that there is a wonderful world out there, and I’m especially thankful for my photo buddies who see it with me.

22 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge #153: It’s a wonderful world

  1. wonderful post on the beautiful world and the reminder for gratitude is always a plus. Also, Anne – reading the way you wrote last 1 1/2 years reminded me that yes, we really are moving away from the pandemic – in some ways it seems surreal still


      1. hahahah – it is crazy and my name is Yvette – but I used to prefer going by Prior – or “P” – but you know how these blog handles go – it can change – and sometimes I think of Adam Sandler when I se your name – any relation to the movie star?


  2. What a wonderful selection of photos Anne! I especially love your lotus flowers (what a wonderful gift it seems to be when we see a flower that blooms so briefly!) and your egret in flight is a great capture!


  3. Truly it is a wonderful world, and your selection of photos puts an exclamation point on that thought! You have a beautiful capture of that lotus flower but the opening photo with the mysterious bridge is probably my favorite!


    1. Thanks John! It’s sad that we can only visit that bridge during a drought. There are also some remnants of the village that was once there.

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