Get wild! That’s the challenge given this week by Dianne Milliard of Rambling Ranger. She gave us parameters: no ” groomed gardens or animals in the zoo. No people or signs of people.” So that left out some of the parties we have in our senior community!

I gave it some thought and focused on an event that was a one time opportunity for me. Something I had never done before. But something wild and caused by nature. The total solar eclipse in August 2017. The event was seen in many places, but we chose Weiser Idaho. We got there a couple of days early so we could get a good spot for our RV. Richard checked out his sun scope and I was trying to get my Nikon d3100 ready. I shot with the 3100 just in case something happened. I didn’t want to ruin my d7100.

I was so nervous and truly beyond my photographic level. I read tutorials, etc. I wanted a trial run, but nature doesn’t do that!

The filter Richard (My husband is an astronomer.) made for me wasn’t the best. So I walked around and talked to other photographers (with more knowledge) and one of them gave me one of his filters. I am always amazed at how generous photographers are!

Eclipse day arrived. I perched the 3100 on the tripod while Richard had his sun scope ready to go. The moon was about to cover the sun, but I couldn’t find it while the camera was on the tripod. I wasn’t going to miss this. Off came the camera and I shot the eclipse hand held.

Here are some of the pictures I got that day.

The beginning:

The last crescent, diamond ring and Totality

The reversal begins as the moon moves away from the sun.

So this was my wild adventure of mother nature at it’s wildest.

Another outcome from this was Richard meeting a former science teacher who talked to him about becoming a NASA Ambassador. Now he gives astronomy talks at libraries and via zoom.

Thanks Dianne. This was a fun and wild challenge.

25 thoughts on “Lens Artist Challenge #150: Get Wild

  1. Anne, very well narrated, I even got nervous, sharing your experience. Great photos, congratulations, you did a great job and congratulations to your husband, too 👏

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  2. Nice work on collecting some great photos of this unique event.
    I didn’t get to see the total eclipse here in North Dakota, but our Civil Air Patrol units in North Dakota sent vanloads of cadets to central Nebraska on a camping bivouac that featured programs on aerospace and astronomy topped off by a view of the total eclipse.


  3. fantastic series Anne – good for you! I must admit I’m a bit too shy to approach other photographers – good for you for researching and talking to people. How terrific that someone offered you his filter! And how great of your husband to be so supportive. A creative and beautifully presented response to the challenge.


    1. Thanks Tina! Approaching other photographers is how I’ve learned. I’ve also learned not to give them my camera. They have a tendency to switch controls to how they have theirs.


  4. A wonderful series of shots, especially as they were handheld – I’m not sure I’d have realised if you hadn’t said. It must have been an amazing experience to see this. When we had a total eclipse in the UK some years before of course it was cloudy in London (some parts of the country were clear, not many). All I saw was that got darker for a spell and then light again 😆 And how cool to have a NASA Ambassador for a husband!!


  5. Wow… I’m amazed, Anne! Such a special moment and stunning captures. Thank you for sharing your story. I once ran into a photographer who was willing to give me tips. 🙂


    1. Thanks Amy! Maybe it’s a Sacramento thing, but when I started I asked a lot of questions, got answers, and went on Meet Ups and met other photographers. I relied on these mentors since I didn’t take classes.

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