Every time I say no more contests, I enter one again. This one is from the McKinley Park Rose Garden in Sacramento. I entered it last year and my picture got an honorable mention. This was my entry.

I wasn’t going to enter this year, but a few of my photo buddies decided to go to the park and give it a try. I wasn’t happy with the roses there. Many were turning brown on the edges or past their prime. I just wasn’t getting any good vibes, but did my best in picking suitable flowers. Here are the three I submitted.

And some more from the morning’s shoot.

And then I caught this little guy calling for his mate, friend?

I think he’s the winner. I’ll let you know the outcome of this, another contest!

11 thoughts on “Another Contest: McKinley Rose Garden

  1. I like the rose in profile – and the bird! Nicely done . . . and now that the state is nearly totally opened up, what adventures await??!!


  2. Thank you -N! I have no idea of what’s waiting post COVID. I’m looking forward to a few nice 2 or 3 days get-aways. I guess I’m really cautious about returning to whatever normal might be and the chance of a resurgence of the virus.


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