Bulletin: most places won’t let customers use their restrooms because of COVID! That’s what Jean and I found out when we left recently to drive out of the Sacramento Valley with our cameras. We were driving to Port Costa, an old little port city in Contra Costa County. I had been there twice before, but that was several years ago. Nothing changed! I decided to take pictures in a way I didn’t before.

On our way down to the port, we stopped at this viewpoint to take a picture of the Carquinez Bridge while it was being enveloped by approaching fog. A couple of seconds after I took this image, the bridge was totally fogged in.

We then made the usual stop at the C&H Sugar refinery. Photographers are not allowed in, but they do let you take pictures at the entrance. You may have seen this view before if you’ve been following this blog for some time.

Now for Port Costa itself. The railroad still runs by it.

The town is old and the hotel shows it. Homes are overrun with overgrowth.

The shoreline, beyond the railroad tracks is interesting and we saw some kayakers paddle by.

It was just before we left Port Costa that we realized there was not a public restroom to be found. We did find a portable toilet at a small park near a fishing pier. The flush bathroom was closed. It was a good stop in more ways than one!

Before heading home, we stopped at Mare Island. I knew that the only public restroom was in the museum which was closed. There was a Navy ship in for repairs. No, we couldn’t go on board! So, after taking our pictures as best we could because it was all fenced off, we headed to a Starbucks in Vallejo.

When we found the Starbucks, we were allowed to buy coffee but not use their restroom! CostCo to the rescue. Fortunately there was one on the way home. All in all, it was a fun day. We did learn, though, not to go too far from home!

15 thoughts on “Out of the area: Port Costa, Contra Costa County

  1. Last fall we traveled the highway that parallels the Columbia River to view the waterfalls. Most of the public restrooms at the parking areas by the waterfalls along the way were closed. Thankfully they kept a couple of them open and cleaned often for travelers. Hopefully by summer, the pandemic will be held at bay and things like public restrooms can be reopened.


  2. Dear Anne
    thanks for sharing your photos. It’s funny to see sunshine-picture while we are lucky having snow. We hope for more snow and colder weather to have this clear cold light. Dina has a commission to produce some romantic snow-pictures, so we are happily driving around taking photographs of the snow at the beaches.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


  3. Dear Anne,
    Loved that your adventure trip brought you to Port Costa.
    I would likely describe the small town as uncommon than “over grown”, it’s a place that visitors often say “I can’t believe this town exists.”. Who could imagine that a village of just 200 people would be just 32 miles from San Francisco?
    The Warehouse Cafe and Bull Valley Roadhouse is now open per COVID guidelines. And there are some sweet downtown shops to welcome you to town. The Port Costa Museum will be open in the summer.
    We hope your friends and readers will find your way here to visit, too..
    Suzanne of Port Costs


  4. Thank you Suzanne. We will make it back this summer. When do the restaurants and shops open? It would be great to eat and shop there. When I said overgrown, I meant the houses and yards as shown in a picture. Please do let me know when the best time and day to visit.


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