Still shooting in dismal skies: Crockett, California

Today, Tuesday, the sun came out, but I was in Crockett on Saturday! You see, with the drought, we, in California, are not used to two weeks of clouds, rain and generally overcast skies. It was no surprise that when my photo buddy, Laura, and I went to Crockett it was overcast. The bonus, however, was the fog. That added some drama to our images and made some monochrome shots available.

Located in Contra Costa County, Crockett is a small town and and seemingly timeless, This town is a photographer’s play land. It is old, looking like time has let it stand still with many boarded up buildings.Old Victorian homes dot the landscape, and the view of the Carquinez Bridge is wonderful. Too bad the bridge was fogged in! Crockett’s main attraction for us was the C & H Sugar Refinery which is nearly 100 years old.

In today’s post, I’ll show you the C & H Refinery, which we were not allowed to enter and surrounding area.