I love the letter “A” not only because it is the first letter of my name, but it’s also for Apple Hill in Placerville. That’s the first thing that came to my mind when I read Patti’s post that gave us this challenge.

Of course in Apple Hill they grow apples. Imagine that! Each year the Apple Hill Growers Association organizes this event. Growers in the area open their orchards/farms, a certain amount, to the public. They sell pies, cupcakes, jelly or caramel apples, anything apple. I don’t care for pie, but the cupcakes and donuts are delicious. I do bring home a large slice of apple pie for Richard.

We spend the day driving from place to place, exploring the grounds and buying fruit from the fruit stands. It’s a wonderful photo day. Because of the pandemic, we didn’t go this year. However, I do have images to show you from previous years.

People of all ages come to enjoy the grounds, pony rides and food.

The grounds at some of the orchards are simply beautiful.

There are also a few old trucks, museum sets, and flowers.

I’m hoping that the pandemic will be over next year. I did miss visiting Apple Hill this year, but didn’t want to risk the crowds. Take care and stay safe everyone!

11 thoughts on “Lens Artist Challenge #126: An Alphabet Challenge–Subjects That Begin with the Letter A

  1. I don’t blame you a bit for avoiding the crowds this year Anne, but what a fun event it looks like! Your images bring it to life for us and hopefully brought you a nice reminder of your visits in years past. Excellent subject for the challenge.


  2. Thanks Tina! Sometimes it’s a challenge to photograph something you haven’t before, and that’s the case with Apple Hill. But it is fun. Next year, I hope to concentrate on people.


  3. This must be a wonderful place, Anne! Next year, hopefully. Your images show a beautiful landscape – the leaves are incredibly lovely. I wonder what the black dots are on the tree trunk?


  4. Thanks Ann-Christine! The black dots on the tree trunk are recesses in the bark burls. That tree seems to grow burls big and small. It’s kind of amazing. Hopefully next year I’ll have more to post from Apple Hill.


  5. We share the same name, but I have double A. 😉
    I understand and share this desire that next year we will be able to visit those places where we used to travel or those others that are still to be discovered.
    Great report, I’d love to visit. 🙂


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