One warning: never go to Costco or any other big box store when you’re in a depression, especially a COVID and election depression! I did and I gave into buying a bunch of breaded chicken patties that I’ve been able to resist for about 10 years. So now I have a whole sleeve of patties, that are probably not good for me, to eat.

When I get into a funk, I wallow. That’s why I took myself and my camera to Green Acres Nursery in Roseville for a pick me up to shoot macro. I enjoy shooting macro. The management at this particular store enjoy having photographers take images of their flowers. I was a little disappointed in the flower choice, but I did find some good candidates (Oh, when is this election going to be over. Even my word choice is out of control!).

My little trip did help me step out of my funk and lunch today with a friend also helped. And, I think the chicken patties will also help. Yes? No? Fun food! Again, don’t go to the store when you’re depressed!

14 thoughts on “COVID & election depression: Green Acres Nursery

  1. Your photos sure helped me get out of a funk. THey are stunning πŸ˜€ BTW, I’ve already voted too. Oregon has drop off boxes, so it doesn’t go through the US mail.


  2. I so get what you mean about the election, Covid-19, and the election. I won’t share my thoughts as they are probably too evil to write about. But, the division is there. Down the street, Trump flags and banners and numerous American flags. Blue lives matter flag across the street. Biden / Harris flag next door. Two doors down from us is a simple sign saying Black Lives Matter. Next to them is a Trump / Law & Order poster. I have considered having a sign made that says “A house divided against itself cannot stand. – A. Lincoln” while a car around the corner sports a sticker saying “Any adult in 2020.”

    We like Dino Buddies here, but never buy them!! And flowers are always a sweet brightener of dreary days. A trip also helps.

    Our ballots have been placed in a local pickup box.

    And your macros are beauties!


  3. Thanks =N! I have a feeling our thoughts are the same. The problem is that no matter which way the election goes, there’s going to be problems. Let’s just keep doing what makes us happy!


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