This week’s challenge from Tina at Travels and Trifles can send us off in many directions. Treats can be a hot fudge sundae, grandkids, wonderful memories and more. Just let your imagination run free. I was having a difficult time deciding until I read John’s post on flight which reminded me of a special treat my great nephew Daylen gave me when he took me up in his family’s small plane.

I was visiting family in Peachtree City, Georgia, in March 2017, when this amazing opportunity happened. Daylen had just gotten his pilots license (His Dad is a pilot.) and offered me a ride. Wow! It was a small plane. I’m not sure how more than two people could fit in it even though it had two back seats. When I climbed on the wing and looked down into the passenger seat, I remember saying to Daylen, “I can get in, but don’t laugh when I get out!”

It was a wonderful experience. When I asked if we could go higher, he said he wasn’t licensed to fly above the clouds! Here’s my flight.

Thanks Tina for bringing back a wonderful memory and treat!

23 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #120: What a treat!

  1. I’ ve watching and enjoying seeing how much your photographic strengths have improved through time. Keep up the good work cousin and thanks for sharing!!


  2. Wow, you got some really great images for someone who was in motion Anne! I used to take a commuter flight quite often when I worked in the northeast and I always enjoyed it. It was a 6-seater and the pilot often let me ride in the co-pilot’s seat. Such a different experience than a larger flight isn’t it?!


    1. Thanks Tina! Yes, it was. I’d like to do it again and go above the clouds. And how great it was for you to commute in a small plane. It’s funny I can go in a small plane, but can’t handle a roller coaster. That’s life!

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  3. What a treat! I love small planes, but had a shocking experience once in Peru. Looking out of the window I saw a man inflating the wheel by hand – with something that looked made for an ordinary bicycle. 6 seats it had – but yours looks even smaller! How great you have a relative to fly you! Beautiful shots from above!


  4. Excellent! Thanks for the mention. I reminded you of this and this reminds me of another small plane ride, in a similar aircraft, I had in Tucson, AZ. I’ll have to see if I can scramble another small post.


  5. I assume the reference that “he wasn’t licensed to fly above the clouds” means he could only fly VFR (visual flight rules) and he was not IFR (instrument flight rules) rated which would have allowed to fly through the clouds.


      1. I assume he had a private pilot’s license which allows one to fly as long as one can see. He would need do instrument training/rating in order to fly through the clouds.


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