I knew Gibson Ranch Park in Elverta wasn’t the best place for macro shots, but you can use a macro lens for more than just close up photography. Yes? Well, I gave it a try when Marlene, Linda and I went to to the park. I hadn’t been there for a while, and I wanted to practice with my new macro lens for the Fuji camera. It performed well.

There were the usual amount of ducks at the pond.

And there were geese!

And a squirrel enjoying a peanut tossed by a young boy.

And Gibson Ranch has other animals too.

There are also stables where horses are boarded. In one area, trail rides are offered.

Oh, yes, I did manage to get a couple of close up/macro images too.

Now I have to find some flowers and bugs to practice on!

4 thoughts on “A little non-macro practice: Gibson Ranch

  1. Nice work. I often use my 55mm and 60mm lenses as walk-around lenses because I can do both regular and macro with the same piece of equipment. These lenses are among my favorites. I also have a 28-85 lens with a 1:1 macro capability. To my eyes, the macro lens is sharper than regular ones of the same length when used as a normal lens. Maybe it’s just me! Only drawback can be because of the macro elements, these lenses can be a bit heavy.

    Nice work, Anne!


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