Deep in the summer heat, it’s great to begin to think of Autumn. Thank you Patti!

Autumn in Sacramento has all photographers looking for fall colors. One popular spot, about 2 hours away, is Hope Valley. That’s where the famed cabin is. You haven’t shot in Hope Valley until you’ve captured the cabin.

So in October, 2016 Marlene and I ventured out to find the famed cabin. Everyone said it was too late for finding color, but we found color and snow. We drove past the cabin twice before we recognized it!

We went back in 2017 and captured it again. Here’s a closer look.

Fall colors in 2018 were found in Markleeville.

Our almost annual trek to Apple Hill (Where you can buy everything apple!) in 2019 brought us some opportunity to shoot fall colors.

I don’t know what 2020 will bring us this Autumn. We can only hope for more color in our lives!

23 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge 106: Autumn

  1. You have some lovely shots here – I like the river especially. Doing Autumn in the midsummer seems rather odd to me, but I will say that it is a cooling thought! Fortunately, here in my neck of CA, it hasn’t been too hot so far.


      1. We lived in Ventura for years, and now live in Thousand Oaks. Warmer than the coast, with more sunshine during the May Grey and June Gloom period, and definitely cooler that the valley. We are usually 10F cooler than the valley and 10F warmer than Ventura. I like the access to both areas.


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