Our loyal group of senior photographers made a return visit to the Donner Snow Sheds located above Donner Lake in Nevada County. No longer used as a shelter for trains coming through the Sierra Nevada mountains, they are now hosts to art and graffiti from locals.

Since these works of art change as they are painted over, we decided it was time for another walk through the tunnels. I was there in July 2016 with Linda and Marlene. Neither of them were available for this visit.

Honestly, I was disappointed with the art. First, the initial tunnel was barren of art. I did find familiar scenery in between that and the second tunnel. The third tunnel had the most to photograph. Of course, there was beautiful Donner Lake!

To make matters worse, I experienced some altitude illness. At an elevation of 7,057 feet above sea level, I shouldn’t have had that trouble! I’ve been over Donner Pass and at Donner Lake a few times without trouble.

But all things come to pass! It was an enjoyable outing with great friends. Maybe I’ll do it again in a couple of years as the graffiti is painted over.

6 thoughts on “Sometimes new isn’t as good as old: Donner Snow Sheds

  1. If I got up that high from my sea level existence, I’d probably be blue!

    What beautiful countryside, and what an interesting bit of history. I am always torn about graffiti, but it’s everywhere, and people 2000 years ago left it behind, as evidenced in Pompeii. Totally enjoyable series of pictures – b&w and color.


    1. Thanks `N! The altitude had never bothered me before. I don’t think I turned blue, but it felt like it! I feel the same way about graffiti, but these sheds seem to attract it. This time I didn’t understand most of the messages. Guess I’m getting too old.

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      1. No, Anne, you are not getting too old! I think our priorities change, and part of it, at least for me, is that the world out there is a bit less important than my immediate one.


  2. Beautiful landscape photos, Anne!!! Although I’m not a huge fan of grafitti, I see you have a great eye to see colors and compositions with it!! Great work!
    I don’t know why, the only place where altitude sickness affected me was in California!! I’ve never had a problem here in Switzerland, and sometimes we go very high in the mountains… But I felt it in Yosemite, when we went hiking close to Tioga Road…


  3. Thank you Mercedes. Tioga Pass is extremely high, but not as high as you have climbed in Switzerland. I think for me it was a combination of altitude and my heart having PVCs which I’ve had forever.


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