Wow, do I have to catch up with posting my photographic adventures! Here’s the last post for April and we’re ending May. I’ll try to post more frequently until I’m current.

In April we all go in search of wild flowers to photograph. I was sick from February through April with a cold that wouldn’t quit so I got out late to North Table Mountain and its beautiful wildflowers. Located in Butte County near Oroville, Table mountain consists of two flat mountain areas, North and South. The wild flowers grow on top of volcanic material which makes walking a challenge for some of us. There a numerous waterfalls, but our hike included some of the smaller ones.

After leaving Table Mountain, we stopped by the old Oregon City covered bridge. Photos are included in the gallery.

I accompanied Laura on this outing. I can’t say I was especially excited with what I saw and captured. This was my second trip to Table Mountain with about 3 years in between. Maybe my memory made things sweeter, maybe I wasn’t feeling totally well, or we got out there late in the wildflower life cycle. But, I got what I got and reviewing the images for this post, they aren’t that bad!

So here’s North Table Mountain.

4 thoughts on “Still in April! Table Mountain, Butte County

  1. So beautiful, Anne! And it seems the sun is finally out there in California!!! It hasn’t been that often here in Switzerland, but all rain and cold until this last weekend, hehehe. So wildflowers are not still in its peak days! I’m still in time for searching them instead of exploring botanical gardens to find some colors 🙂
    I hope you get rid of that cold soon!! Get well and have a great week!


    1. Thank you Mercedes. I just posted on your blog that we get a day or two of sun but we’re still experiencing a lot of rain. The current forecast says that June will begin sunny days–just in time for summer! The cold has settled into allergy since I’m allergic to mold and dampness. But, as a friend reminded me that when triple digit days arrive, I’ll be longing for a gray sky or two. I don’t think so! Take care.


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