If I thought 2019 would start off with a BANG, I was wrong. I didn’t hold a camera in my hand for the first two weeks. After that there were five photo opportunities, but few great photos. A lot had to do with the rainy weather, which we’re still having, and also with my not feeling well.

So here we are in February and the rain is still coming down. I’m not complaining because California needs the rain. We have a great snow pack now that will hopefully see us through the dry summer. What does that mean for photography? If you can’t make it up to the snow, you’re shooting inside! I’m amazed at how many businesses welcome photographers. This year we’ve been to the Antique Trove in Roseville twice, most recently today. You’ll see those pictures in my next post.

So, here are some picks from January!

These were from an experiment with oil and water. It’s more difficult than the tutorial made it seem!

These are from an outing to Old Folsom Historic District. It’s a section of Folsom where you can walk, shop and eat. Best of all, the parking is free!

This next outing was to Old Sacramento. I’ve shown you images from there before. It’s always a challenge to find something new.

So, there you have some highlights from January!

6 thoughts on “A slow start to 2019: January

  1. Thanks Donna. When I did the 365, I forced myself to shoot everyday even if it was the Denny’s sign as we came out of the restaurant. Are you just doing a photo a week or everyday?


  2. Glad to see you back here, Anne!! Well, it looks that even if you didn’t take the camera often, January wasn’t that boring after all! I like the oil & water photos. Maybe because they are too abstract and kind of experimental!! Not sure if I’d ever try something like that at home, but looks like fun! And the colors are great!!!
    I like the Sacramento shots too, specially the one of the river and the paddle steamer (is this the name??)… Maybe you can try new techniques instead of searching for new places in the city?? I would spend so much time trying long exposures with ND filters in that river 😛


  3. Thanks Mercedes. Our oil and water experiment needed better lighting. I thought my dining room lighting and the light from the tablet would be enough, but no. Maybe in the daytime! That river is the Sacramento River and paddle boat is the Delta King operating as a hotel and dining spot. When we visited it was getting a makeover. Lots of activity on deck. I do want to do some work with an ND filter maybe going back there at night. We’re going to the ocean later this month, and my goal is to work with the ND filter and the water. I’m determined! I think with this wet weather, I’ll get into Photoshop and more of Lightroom. Take care.


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