Since our world is shrinking, most of you know about the government shut down partially in the United States. Let’s put politics aside and think about the people who are being used as pawns in this game. It’s even affected us photographers with some of our National Parks partially closed.

Being a National refuge, all services were gone at the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge in Willows. It was, however, open for those who wanted to take the driving tour. Laura and I did just that, and we then drove over to the Gray Lodge Wildlife Area in Gridley.

Before that, my Camera Totin’ Tuesday went to visit Effie Yeaw in Carmichael. I wanted to photograph deer, but I didn’t see any. I know you’re beginning to be doubtful about deer in the Nature Center! Effie Yeaw is always a great place for a walk since it’s along the American River.

So here are some images from both outings. I’m hopeful that the next time I post, I’ll be able to say our government is open!

7 thoughts on “Finishing up 2018: Effie Yeaw and Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge, Gray Lodge

  1. Very nice photos, Anne!! You didn’t find deer, but a lot of birds instead! I would be super happy if I can get so much different animals in one day at the mountains! Hehehe. Being more serious, I know how frustrating is going to a place to specifically photograph something and no seeing anything… (it just happened to me yesterday, I went to a reserve where there is a fox family and I spent 2 hours just siting and waiting in the cold for nothing…)
    How does this government shut down works? I read something about it in the Spanish press, but they don’t explain that much…


  2. Thanks Mercedes. It’s not so bad being disappointed. It just means you get to go back another day! Regarding the government shut down, it just means the government except for emergency stuff doesn’t work. This is a partial, but it does affect many. TSA at the airports are working without pay which they will receive when the government opens. Some government employees aren’t working, but will receive back pay when they go back. Meanwhile they still have bills to pay, etc. And the public is without certain services the government provides. It’s a stupid power play caused by two factions who won’t give an inch.


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