He really didn’t lie; but when my dear photo buddy Richard promised us a flat trail with one or two hills, he under exaggerated.  You see, Richard is an experienced hiker. We are not! The hills were a huge mountain for us. Now, am I exaggerating?

I do like to complain and Richard gives it right back. We, in our little Camera Totin’ Tuesday group, have a lot of fun. Through all the griping (I wasn’t the only one!), we had fun. After all, it’s the interaction of the group that makes a photo outing great.

We followed the Auburn Quarry Trail, part of the California State Park system, along the American River, and when we reached the top (as far as we were going to go), we were fortunate to come upon a few mountain climbers practicing. The sun was powerful that day in Auburn, so I had to deal with exposure issues. I shot mostly handheld HDR, but wasn’t satisfied with the results. So I basically edited one of the three shots in Lightroom. In the end, I was satisfied. Take a look. No captions needed.

8 thoughts on “Hey, you said this trail was flat! Auburn Quarry Trail, Auburn, California

  1. Oh, those reflections and golden tones!! Gorgeous photos, Anne! Even if it was a tiring route, I’m sure you had a great time outdoors!
    I’m struggling too sometimes when I shoot at midday with harsh light… Up in the mountains you end up very dark shadows and super bright lights. And I know that if I take the tripod for every single HDR I’d like to take, then my husband would desperate with me! Hehehe. Thank God or Canon for the HDR settings in my new camera!


  2. Thanks Mercedes. I think next time I’ll try in camera HDR, but it only combines 2 exposures (Nikon d7100). That might be enough though for harsh lighting. The last Photomatix update didn’t do the program justice. I just didn’t like the way it compressed the images. I can handhold 3 frames. Not a problem with alignment, it didn’t help with the exposure.


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