It seems that with each season Sacramento photographers rush to photograph the Milky Way, wildlife including the Sandhill Crane, snow and Fall colors. I’m no exception which is why my Camera Totin Tuesday group treked up to Markleeville, Alpine County, to capture delightful images.

There were five of us, and we squeezed into one car. Fortunately Marlene drove and her Suby Blue accomodated us easily. It’s a 2-hour ride up to the colorful aspens. Thank you Marlene for driving us. We stopped along the way to photograph the changing colors and had lunch in Markleeville. After lunch and taking pictures of the small town, population of 210 in the last census, we continued looking for color.

While editing the pictures of this outing, I tried to get out of my comfort zone with some creative help from Nik software. I’ve been liking the soft look lately and wanted to do some of my own. So, here’s the California colors of Fall.


8 thoughts on “Searching for fall colors: Markleeville

  1. Gorgeous colors, Anne! Early in October, Elaine and I were visiting family in Maine and New Hampshire……the colors were just starting to turn….they probably were a couple weeks off from peaking. We just got back today from spending a week with Elaine’s daughter’s family in Portland, Oregon….the colors were spectacular there…..and we also enjoyed a few torrential downpours! Love, Lynn

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    1. Thanks Lynn. We don’t get the range of color here as the east coast does, but they are pretty. Wow, you and Elaine have been traveling. So glad you can and are enjoying it. Love to you both.


  2. Beautiful colors, Anne! We haven’t had a pretty Fall here in Atlanta. Too much heat and not enough consistent rain for us. I think my favorite photo (which was hard to choose :-)) is the last one with the yellow leaf floating in the water. Cheers to Fall!


    1. Thanks Donna. I’m sorry you didn’t get much color. The summer heat has shortened our cycle. And, I’m so glad you liked the solitary leaf. I was debating whether to include it, but I liked it too.


  3. Great colors, Anne! Looks that the 2 hours drive was totally worth it! It would have been for me! Hehehe. Here we already had the first snow in the mountains and some mountain passes are already closed until next summer… But I hope I can get some more autumn colors before winter and Christmas arrive!
    How was editing with Nik collection? I have it installed as an extension of Lightroom, but I’ve never really tried it… But I have heard also very nice things of this software! For me it’s weird that it doesn’t process the RAW file as Lightroom does, hehehe I feel the file loses a lot of quality while exporting it to Nik Collection… I’d love to read more about hoow you use this software!!


    1. Thanks Mercedes. This was the first time I used Color Efex. I found it similar to Silver Efex which I love for black and white. I edited the picture in LR as usual and then exported it into Nik. I looked through the presets, found one I liked, worked with the panel to the right of the screen (I still don’t understand the control points) and reimported it back into LR. I’m using the free version from Google, but may break down and buy the new version. I think it’s a great program as an addition to LR.


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