I’m not a country gal, but I do enjoy the opportunity to experience it. And, fortunately, I do get the chance. During the summer months, Yolo Arts brings together artists, photographers and farm owners in an effort to  raise awareness about the importance of preserving farmlands. This is accomplished through the Arts and Ag Project in Yolo County.

It’s amazing how close urban and suburban Sacramento is to farms and orchards. Drive one hour and you’re in a different world. A world I often get lost in! This month we visited Meeks and Sons, Inc. farm. A large farm that grows crops. This was a much different experience than in the past when we visited small farms–maybe two or three at a time. Karen B. and I got lost driving up and down the dirt roads. We did manage to find almond pods on the trees and some old and new farm equipment to take picture of.

Afterwards, Karen B. and I drove about 30 miles north to scout out a venue for our Tuesday group–a resting place for old busses and trucks in Williams. This is a photographers dream shoot, but not in the summer. It’s way too hot with more triple digits days than ever before. We ate lunch in the town and took some pictures.

Take a peek at what this city gal found on the farm.


6 thoughts on “Country life: Yolo Art and Ag

  1. Anne it looks like you had fun despite the heat.
    Last month I visited the two ranches that were hosting the YoloArts Arts and Ag project. It was a lot of fun and resulted in a couple of decent photos if I may say so. Here is one https://allentimphotos2.wordpress.com/2018/06/24/preparing-to-photograph/
    I didn’t make it this month as it was a bit further than I wanted to go.
    YoloArts is a good organization that does a lot with a small staff. I currently have 3 photographs in their “Walk in the Park” exhibition. Unfortunately it closes tomorrow or is it today. I’m picking up my photographs soon.


  2. It was fun. We got there early so we weren’t too affected by the heat. By the time we got to Williams, it was hot. I do remember your image and thought it was great. This was the first Art and Ag I could make this summer. I’m hoping they’ll do another in August. I’ve missed a lot due to the move, but I’m back on track. I’d also like to start putting my photos in some exhibitions.


  3. That looks like a fun adventure! We just moved from the city to the country, so you can say were on a new country life adventure! Thanks for sharing, and awesome pics!


      1. Lol pretty big adventure! Oh thanks for letting me know! I’m new and still working out all the kinks! Thank you, as much as I’m freaking out, I’m trying to keep things light so I don’t go insane trying to figure life out!


  4. You’re doing great. Some of us city folk enjoy seeing life on the farm/ranch so keep posting. Also, I think you’ll get more comments if you don’t require all the email info.


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