Many people have asked me what type of photography I enjoy doing. I always answer, “Everything but portriat!” Of course that leaves landscape, buildings, macro and more. One is street photography, and I don’t feel as comfortable with this as I do macro, etc.

Part of the problem is that I’m not fast enough to catch the moment. I also fail to see the opportunity. I think I can do better with some training and experience. So, I jumped on the chance to walk along the Embarcarado in San Francisco. This fun day was sponsored by the Exploring Photography Meetup group. We started at 8:30 a.m., taking the ferry from Vallejo to San Francisco. We were to walk and take photos along the way and meet back to catch the ferryferry at 4 p.m.

We were told to take small sized gear so we wouldn’t be conspicuous. So I took my D3100, my 50 mm lens and shot on aperture priority. But, how can you be conspicuous with a bunch of tourists snapping pictures! At least the D3100 was lighter than the D7100.

It was also good experience using the 50 mm prime lens. I stopped trying to twist the barrel after a while! It was a fun day as I looked for people their stories. I took so many pictures that this will be a two-part post.

So get your walking shoes on and follow along!

12 thoughts on “Walking and shooting: San Francisco

    1. Thanks Tim. I did throw away a lot of pictures. I’ve learned that when you see a small child dancing and eating, the camera can’t capture it as you saw it. This was a great experience.


      1. Anne, I’m pleased that you enjoyed the experience. When I do street photography I shoot from the hip. This method can give you a new perspective and allows for more candid images of your subjects. Eric Kim has an excellent article on how to shoot from the hip. Here is the link A fellow photographer who was reluctant to do street photography took a workshop from Eric and as a result has produced some excellent images. The nice think about street photography is that you can do it almost anywhere there are people. I hope you continue doing. Who knows, portrait work may be next.


      2. Hi Tim, This is in response to your shoot from the hip suggestion. I tried it. I think you’re taller than I am!! But, after reading the tutorial you suggested and watching the video, I think using a wide angle lens and shooting up would help. But, it does help to be taller than 5’1″! I’ll let you know how the next experiement works out.


  1. I’m like you… I love every kind of photography, except portraits and street photography. I’m so bad taking photos of other people!!! I think that’s because I’m too shy and I’m also very bad at the other side of the camera…. so I don’t like putting people in my position, hehehe.
    But hey, you did a great job here!!! There are some really good photos here! I specially like the girl with the red hair… That smile is gorgeous! 🙂


    1. Thanks Mercedes. I really like street photography which comes from my journalism background. And that little girl. I didn’t hesitate to ask for permission. She just captured my attention. She reminded me of my granddaughter who is always ready to smile and show off for a picture.


  2. Fun trip, for sure! One thing I really like when I do street is to use an 85mm f1.8 at the widest aperture and auto focus. Subject can be tack-sharp but the other parts of the images blur out and become less distracting.


    1. Thanks -N- I’ll try that the next time. However, it will be with my 50 mm. I became more comfortable with it during this trip. My goal is to go back, but to the financial district and do some street photography during the week. This would be a more difficult task!


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