They are so beautiful, but only bloom once a year. But, that’s also what makes the Lotus flowers so special. The flowers in this post are from the Vedanta Society of Sacramento in Fair Oaks (Where last year’s images were shot.) and my chiropractor’s farm in Auburn. Who would have thought that a small Lotus pond would be on a farm!

At the Vedanta Society, the mature Lotus were more inside the pond and the buds surrounded them on the outside. That made shooting them a little tricky, but with the lens extended all the way out to 140 mm and creative cropping, I managed.

At the farm, it was just the opposite.  The featured image is a black and white from the farm. No matter, they are beautiful no matter where they are. And, pictures are a way of enjoying them all year round.

8 thoughts on “Now a yearly trek: Lotus blossoms

  1. Beautiful colors! Always glad to see your posts in my Inbox…..hope you are starting to feel settled in your new environs…..change is never easy. We just got back from Marlo’s in San Jose….we took her and Eli out for lunch….he is an amazing little guy.
    Love, Lynn


  2. Fabulous, Anne!! I love how you captured the beauty of the Lotus flowers! The black and white is one I would print!!
    I know how special are the ephemeral flowers… Every year I am looking forward to see some of them: first the snowdrops, then the cherry blossoms… and this year I will look for the queen of the Alps, the edelweiss!!! I hope to find wild edelweiss next week! Any other flower in your bucket list for this year?


    1. Thanks Mercedes. I don’t really have a flower bucket list. We just shot the sunflowers which are now on their way out. The lotus are especially pretty. I just enjoy macro and close up photography in general. What is wild edelweiss? And, yes, I’m going to print the black and white.


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