e’re pretty much settled in, and hanging pictures. How many pictures can one small house hold? There’s still more stuff to find places for, and the sunroom to fix up, but that will just have to take time. It’s good to be back to normal–my going on photo outings and Richard running up to the observatory. Each day, we take time to hang two pictures or curtains, etc.

And, summer has arrived, so we try to plan our outings for early morning, local venue or inside. I have two outings to show you today. Linda and I went to the Indian Festival, hoping to get pictures of traditional dress and dance of our Native Americans. However when the dances were to begin, we were told we couldn’t take pictures, and the few dances that we were allowed to take pictures of, we couldn’t post anywhere. Oh, what a letdown for a couple of photographers. So, I’ll show you some shots I took of the festival and vendors before the dance started. This was held outside the State Indian Museum.

Now we move on to the small town of Fair Oaks and its chickens. Yes,

it’s known for being inhabited by wild chickens. They are protected, so no roasted chicken for us!

Now, which pictures should I pick to hang today?



6 thoughts on “Normal? Indian Festival and Fair Oaks

  1. Thanks Tim. This was (still is) a tough move. I think by January it will be done. Regarding the Indian Festival, I think the no photographing request was because of religious practice. Some of the dances may have had to do with the spirit. I do have the photos of the dances we were allowed to shoot. It was interesting.


  2. Nice to hear that you’re finally settled in!! I’d have loved to see those dances, now I’m curious! I don’t really understand why you cannot take photos during a public event… I would be a bit annoyed!!
    Ummm are you going to print a photo from this post to hang it on the wall??? I like the poppies!! So colourful! But only because I love to print and hang nature photos! hehehe


    1. I like the poppies too, but I don’t think I’ll be printing from this post. I have less wall space here! I’m sure the no photos rule is a religious thing and I’m happy to honor that. It’s the first time we’ve encountered that. I did take pictures of the costumes and will keep them in my file. Where are you taking us next?


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