I was looking forward to going back to Downieville and having the pizza that my dear departed photo buddy Greg Morris promised Marlene and I a few years ago. Located at the North Fork of the Yuba River, Downieville is a small town with a population of about 300.

When we were there last, no restaurant was open, especially the pizza place Greg bragged about on our way up. Fortunately, the grocery store was open and we were able to buy our usual lunch there. Well, the term lunch is being generous. I had a cup of noodles, Greg had beef jerky and chips and Marlene ate her emergency peanut butter sandwich.

So, I was not altogether surprised that there was only one sandwich shop, Jadaa’s Kitchen, open in town the day we were there, but I was disappointed. Even though it was almost tourist season, the stores were open only on the weekends. I guess we’d have to go during the summer to see if Greg was right about the pizza.

This time our visit to the small town was cut short due to a thunder storm. We stayed as long as we could, shooting as much as we could. Will I ever taste that pizza?

4 thoughts on “What, still no pizza! Downieville, California

  1. I just simply love how you take photos of everything! You have a talent for taking the simple and making it an interesting subject. A reminder that I need to keep channeling you more 😉 ;-). Great photos as always…..


    1. Thank you Donna. I just love taking photos of everything except portraits when lighting is needed. Now that you’re retired, think about doing the 365 challenge. Shooting a photo a day really challenges your creativity. I learned a great deal that year!


  2. If you choose the 365 challenge, you just have to shoot a photo each day and post it somewhere, saying here’s my shot for today. During the time I did it, I had foot surgery. My shot was of my foot’s progress. One time it was a Denny’s sign. Have fun with whatever challenge you select.


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