Eureka! I can finally handhold my camera and F/4 300mm lens. This is great because putting it on a monopod was difficult to carry around the zoo, which I love to visit. I was using the monopod because the weight from the sling was too much for my shoulder. So the grandma came up with an idea. I would carry my camera like I would a baby and keep most of the weight off my shoulder!

It worked. At a recent visit to the Sacramento Zoo, I was able to support the camera and lens without hurting my shoulder. I was also able to focus and keep the camera/lens steady. The only problem is the difficulty shooting a giraffe with the 300mm! So, I brought along my tiny point and shoot camera.

I’m finally free of the monopod. Here are some of my captured results.


7 thoughts on “Freedom: Sacramento Zoo

      1. I believe it is what you were using to put over your window edge in your car and then resting your camera on when you were describing your visit to the Sacramento Wildlife Center.

    1. Thanks Lynn. I do enjoy going to the zoo. The animals have such personalities and I like the challenge of making the cages disappear. The animals have to be in the right place and I have to be there at the right time!

  1. Anne, you got some great shots here!!! Supersharp and very well focused on the eyes… perfect animal portraits!!! I guess it was an exciting day at the zoo and also when you downloaded the photos in your PC :)!!! (Btw, I love the snow leopard, the sleepy lion and the red panda photos!!!! They are pretty good!!!)
    Have a great weekend!!

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