Hooray, the computer is working! Thank you Kevin!! This technical age has made us so dependent on our computers, phones, tablets. I could say that I remember when, but I won’t bore you. I’ll just say that my typewriter never crashed. It may have needed a ribbon change, or a key might stick–but never crashed.

I do love one digital necessity (at least to me) that has not crashed–my DSLR. I’m still learning, and with each outing I get better. Let’s finish up my trip with Laura to the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge (SWR) and Gray Lodge Wildlife Area. Laura is the best bird spotter. Without her I wouldn’t see the small birds.

After seeing three bald eagles and many hawks at SWR, we ventured to Gray Lodge. Tired from climbing up and down to and from Laura’s sun roof, I resolved to just shoot what I could get from the open window. Fortunately, there are more opportunities for landscapes at Gray Lodge. Again, there were many hawks, but the sun was going down and it was difficult to shoot them as they hid in the trees. Take a look!


6 thoughts on “Things are looking up: Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge and Gray Lodge, part 2

    1. Thanks Donna. That shot was a drive-by. I love to do those. When I started writing, in the 80s, we had just built a PC, and I was using Wordstar (a tag software where you had to put in symbols for characters, paragraphs, etc.) I often thought that it would be difficult to move or delete sentences on a typewriter!


  1. Altogether a lovely series. If I am up in the Sacramento area, I will need to visit it as it looks wonderful. Also, glad to know that technology and you are on the mend. (You might find it amusing to know that I like to write with a steel dip pen from the 1800s and iron gall ink. That works, too! But all technology has a problem now and again.)


  2. Thank you -N. You really need to visit the wetlands this time of the year. They are all open year round, but not with the abundance of wildlife. I remember when ballpoint pens first came out, but never used a dip pen and ink well!


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