Looking for a certain Oasis can be daunting. We came close one day, but didn’t find the bubbly spring or the San Andreas fault line. But, we did find water–a small pond of it. The locals called it a lake. We’re still not sure of this oasis’s exact location, but we do know that it is part of the Thousand Palms Coachella Valley Preserve.

It amazed me that each oasis is slightly different from the other. There were a few on this preserve, and we walked to one. It was a 2-mile round trip walk in mostly sand to get to the pond and back. It was like walking on the beach forever. It was worth it though. I loved the background scenery and the pond was beautiful.

Our route there began on a wood walk way boarded by the California Fan Palm, the only palm native to California. Ernie knew it’s official name, and you can learn about it by following the link. Their skirts of dead leaves are not cut and hang down unless the tree drops them. They will be cut to make room for a walk way as you’ll see in the gallery pictures.

We didn’t continue our search for the elusive oasis this trip, but there’s always next year. The question is, will we find that certain oasis?

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