Without really understanding the effective uses of slow shutter speeds, I named this journal Slow Shutter Speed because that’s how I felt my photographic abilities were moving along. But that was when I got my D3100 and was a total newbie. The learning curve was difficult, and I learned through shooting, reading and asking questions. I’ve never taken a class. Along the way, I met many terrific photographers who were more than willing to help. The purpose of this blog was and still is to take you along on my journey.

So why am I going into this, I’ve received comments from friends that I’m being to hard on myself and not realizing how far I’ve come with my skill level. I do realize that my skills have increased, but I’m shy by nature and don’t usually toot my own horn. I recognize that I’m now asked to help a new photographer, can offer suggestions on shooting and editing, and hold my own in the field.

Some of you who have followed this blog from the beginning, know where my photographic journey has taken me. And, some of you are very gracious with your wonderful comments. For me, it’s like shooting in the fog I encountered at Point Reyes National Seashore. I look at each challenge with trepidation, jump in, conquer it and soon the fog is lifted.

In today’s post, I’m showing you some of the less foggy images of Point Reyes.

I almost forgot: Leanne Cole has brought me back to my writing roots by asking me to do a regular column in her amazing online quarterly magazine. We are calling it “Senior Moments,” and the magazine is “Dynamic Range.” Look for it at www.leannecole.com.au.

9 thoughts on “I guess I’m being humble: Point Reyes, Part 2

    1. Thanks Mercedes. The column is fun to write. You have to make certain adjustments when you’re older and be content with it. Shoot, shoot, shoot in your youth. I’m just loving your journeys.


  1. Anne, I enjoy your photos and your blog! You always bring interesting perspectives and subject matters. Looking forward to seeing your work with Leanne Cole…….she has an amazing site so it’s a great compliment to be involved with it.


    1. Thank you so much Donna. Leanne was one of the first photographers I hooked up with via my blog and hers. When she came to the states, I totally enjoyed shooting with her for a day. I do have family in Georgia who live near Atlanta. Maybe we could hook up when I visit depending on where you live. That would be great if we could.

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