This was a first for me–shooting in dense fog. I learned a lot in a recent Meet Up shoot to Point Reyes National Seashore on the coast. It was my first time and I truly wasn’t prepared for the totally socked in adventure I was about to have.

At first I thought, “What moody images this will make.” I had no idea that the fog would make focusing difficult! Auto focus had its problems, so I tried to focus manually. Even that was hard.

In addition, I wasn’t well during the week and only did part of the trails, meaning I didn’t reach the beach where it wasn’t so foggy. I basically concentrated on what I could do rather on what I couldn’t.

Today, I’m posting some images so you’ll get an idea of the fog. It was an amazing first for me.

8 thoughts on “Weather or not: Point Reyes, part 1

  1. Sounds like you need a winter trip down the Delta. Kind of like going to Yellowstone in the snow! You took some wonderful shots so I think you learned well as a newbie! Being a fan of architecture I mostly favored the photographs of the houses, barns and the fence. Kudos.


  2. Absolutely love your in-flight photo of the turkey vulture. We have one that likes to sit along the roofline of our neighbor’s house. I sat and quietly watched him for about ten minutes recently – but of course, as I quietly tiptoed away for my camera, he was gone!


    1. Thank you Patricia. That’s the way it is with birds of any size. I have found a few who were used to humans and just posed for the longest time. When they are looking for something to eat, they get so absorbed that they don’t notice us. I enjoyed visiting your blog and seeing your art. Your work is so detailed.

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