If you’ve been following this blog, then you may remember that I began the year with a goal of learning Photoshop and other processing programs. With half the year gone, I haven’t made much progress. I can take out unwanted things easily in Photoshop, but haven’t ventured into layers. I have gotten acquainted with some processing programs, but have only used their presets.

And, no, I’m not being hard on myself; I’m just stating facts. I’ve been shooting a lot and loving it. My photography has improved too. Maybe it was just too big a goal. Maybe I need to chunk it down to learn one thing at a time with Photoshop, especially now with the big update to 2015.5 in the CC version.

Okay every week, I will learn one new thing about Photoshop. Can I do it? We’ll see. In the meantime, we will continue touring Petaluma with the  walking tour of Victorian houses. These old houses are beautiful, and the flowers are from their gardens. You’ll notice that I concentrated mostly on the doors and entries. No captions.

One new thing a week, one new thing a week. I’m beginning to feel like the “Little Engine that Could!”

4 thoughts on “Having fun, but not making progress: Petaluma, part 2

  1. Lovely photos ☺ Actually I am on the same Photoshop journey, albeit I started about 6 months before you and already had lots of experience with freeware like Paint.NET and GIMP. This said, I really only began to learn the power of layers etc once I got Photoshop. I was surprised by how easy it was. You can do it ☺


    1. Thanks Greg. This morning I was wondering just when I’d fit in a few hours this week. It has to be Friday. That’s the problem–time! Congratulations on becoming a local Google Guide. You’ll have to let us know how it’s working out.


  2. I teach myself and others LR and PS. I still do short tutorials at least once a week. My sources are Adobe, Kelby One and On One. They have videos and magazines. B&H Camera store offers free classes. As I tell my clients, who I teach those apps to, you need to set aside one day a week and spend 15 minutes to a half hour. That is not an unreachable goal, but my clients often claim they can not find the time. I like to use LR for most work and PS when necessary. A learning tip: Learn the new trick, repeat it that day, then repeat it next day, then repeat it next week. It should be in long term memory by then. Good luck and work at it 🙂


    1. Thanks Sherry. Great advice. I’m also an LR person. I’ll put aside Monday as my editing day. I bought a Kelby book, “Photoshop for Lightroom Users.” I work better with books than online tutorials. You’re right, once you learn a process, repeat it! Thanks again.

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