For me and about 15 others, Tuesdays is reserved for shooting. I’m sure I’ve told you about the group Marlene, Karen and I started after our photo buddy Greg Morris died (Our trio was called Tuesdays With Seniors). While he was ill, Karen started going out on Tuesday with us. After he passed, we felt a name change was in order and we became Camera Totin’ Tuesdays.

As we posted pictures of our adventures more photographers wanted to join us. Most of us are retired, but some join us when they can get a Tuesday off from work. It has become a fun group. We are starting to venture out of the greater Sacramento area now, and recently we went to Petaluma.

Not being a loner, I prefer to go shooting with other photographers. I love the camaraderie, the sharing of information, seeing other photographers styles and  making new friends. I watch the others and learn. Most of the time, when someone finds a great shot, they will share it. On occasion, I have gone out alone and enjoy the solitude and self creativity that ensues.

But when we went to Petaluma, we had nine photographers and a three car caravan. We found it easier to pick a meeting spot and just meet up there. As the group grows we’ll have to perfect this.  Once in the town, we had a fun day. We sort of stayed together in a loose sort of way, had lunch together, did some more shooting and then took our separate ways home.

I have never processed so many images as I have with this outing. I’m either falling in love with my pictures, getting better shots or not being discriminating enough! Well, maybe a little of all three. Or maybe I just found so much to shoot in this small town.

Whatever the reason, I am grateful for our CTT group that gets me out shooting no matter how I feel that day. This will be a 3-part post. Enjoy the architecture of the town and waterfront. I told you I edited a lot of images!




4 thoughts on “Camera Totin’ Tuesdays: Petaluma, California

  1. When I post to WP I strive to have a theme and treat each post as if I were hanging an exhibit. Perhaps if you grouped them in some way? For me the subjects in these photos this post are so diverse it is hard to judge. I am speaking as an art critic. I do like your work. I hope you don’t mind my honesty. I like it when people tell me their honest opinions of my work and how it is displayed.


  2. Thank you Sherry for the suggestion. When I started this blog, it was more about my own personal journey. As a beginner, I was on overwhelm. It’s still about my journey, and I hope I’ve shared my successes as well as challenges as I learn photography. I am grouping them according to outings. In this post, I wanted to show a bit of the city and river. My next post will be on the Victorian homes and gardens in the town. So in a way, I am trying to group them into some sort of order.

    I’m happy that you, as an artist, like my work. I truly don’t have any artistic ability. When I began writing, I called myself a parasite, feeding off opportunity (people, events) as a non-fiction writer. For me, photography is the same, I’m still feeding off opportunity.

    I could use your help. I do want to enter some competitions in the county fairs around me. What do I need to do to mount a picture, etc,? What do judges look for? This is the next step in my journey.

    Thanks again for caring enough to make your suggestion. I’ll try to follow it as much as I can within the organization of my blog.



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