I’ve been in a funk for about 1 1/2 weeks now. So, remembering my trip to Benicia and all the fun I had, I decided that I would get up early and drive about 45 minutes south to capture the Sandhill Cranes at the Consumnes River Preserve. I missed them last year and really wanted to shoot them this year.

So off I went with my camera gear and coffee–no breakfast. I wanted to get down there before they flew off. They spend the day elsewhere and come back at sundown. The preserve was supposed to be open from 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. I left my house around 6 a.m. Remember, I’m doing this to get out of a funk. The elusive thread of happiness.

I got there around 7 a.m., and all the gates were locked and barriers were across the parking lot. So I drove along the levee a little and then I need to use the bathroom. I drove back to the visitors center and the pit toilets were locked too. I had to drive about 15 minutes to civilization to get to a bathroom and some breakfast. I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t hold the camera still. I hadn’t eaten breakfast and hypoglycemia had set in.

After I returned and still found gates locked, I went back to the levee. More problems–I didn’t see the sign that said to stay on the road. After talking with the Ranger, who gave me a lengthy explanation of preserving the wetlands and promised to open the gates, I returned to the main area.

And, I don’t think my shots of the Sandhill Cranes are that great. My 300 mm lens just doesn’t reach that far. You’ll see what I could salvage in this post.

So, did I get out of my funk? What do you think? Benicia, I’m coming back! It’s important to maintain a sense of humor.

Just writing this is helping me out of the funk. I’m looking forward to shooting in Santa Cruz this weekend.

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