I’m already needing to feed my soul again even though my visit to Hakone Gardens was a week ago. I’m so glad I discovered photography. It’s become more than a hobby. It’s a passion, and I need to press that shutter to ground myself, bring joy into my life and just relax. Yes, I also like to see the results and bask in my improvements.

I do wish I had more time to devote to photography, learning more about my camera and the editing programs I have. There are not enough hours in the day, and by the time I have the free time, I’m tired. “But, you’re retired,” you’re saying. Yes, however my days seem to fill up! Now I understand why retired folks say they are more busy than when they worked.

Maybe Sunday I’ll be able to get my next soul food. In the meantime, here are the rest of the Hakone Gardens images.

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