Yes, I did it again. I forgot to check the battery in my camera before we left for the Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida, and didn’t bring my spare. I got in a few shots before we got too far into the park and then stowed the camera back into the car. Fortunately, my daughter-in-law had her camera along and was the picture taker for the day.

I brought along both my cameras, but decided to use the D3100 since I would be taking mostly snapshots and didn’t want anything to happen to the D7100. We came to Orlando with our son, Greg, daughter-in-law, Jessica, and young grandkids, because our company is involved in a trade show here and thought it would be a great vacation. So, right now it’s day 5 and three of us out of six have colds. Jess is down at the pool with the little ones. This is a good time to do a blog, I thought. But, I have no editing program or computer with me! It’s a good thing Richard brought his laptop.

Our first two days in Disney were at the Magic Kingdom. It was crowded and they have a different system for using fast passes. It took us a while to catch on, but we did. Here are some memorable moments: Olivia was chosen to play the part of the beast in Belle’s castle play and danced with her (I have to get the pictures from Jess).  Ryan wants to be a pirate after going through the Pirates Of The Caribbean ride. We found some characters and took pictures with them. And, I got my highest score ever on the Buzz Lightyear ride!

Here are some images of our experience so far–unedited! I hope to get some study time in on the D7100 today, and tomorrow I will remember my extra battery and SD card!


2 thoughts on “Some lessons are hard to learn: Disney World unedited

  1. Looks like all of you enjoyed some nice family bonding time.  Please don’t send your grandson off to Somalia to take the Pirating 101 course. How much time were you able to spend there? The photos prove you had a wonderful Disney time there. Ruth and I are in El Salvador with the tropical weather, backyard volcano and the delicate seasonal fruits.  It looks like our avocado tree is loaded up with its biggest crop ever and should ripen by June.  Hopefully the squirrels will leave enough for us to enjoy also.  They discard the fruit we love and just eat the seed. Let us hear from you. Love, Paul


    1. Hi Paul. I’m glad you are both well. We won’t be leaving Orlando until February. 12. Some day we will get to Salvador. I posted another blog today. Love, Anne


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