She calls it her “Birthday Celebration.” Harriet Baum is 20-years sober and considers her sober anniversary her rebirth. I was fortunate to be invited to this Birthday celebration on Sunday, January 19, 2014.

Before she made the decision to enter the 12-Step Program she describes her life as one of depression and terror. She was doing things that were not good for her body and couldn’t share her feelings with anyone. She felt alone and friendless. “I had a birthday party for myself and nobody came–not even my family,” she says.

Now life is wonderful for Harriet. “People love me, want to spend time with me. I’m hanging out with people who are not drinking alcohol or taking drugs. I finally have the life I’ve always wanted,” she says.

But, maintaining this happy life is not easy. It’s still a daily struggle for Harriet who goes daily to an Alcohol Anonymous meeting and talks with her sponsor. And, she’s helping others by sponsoring someone. “I’m still working on staying sober. I’m very blessed,” she says. “I’m back in college, working towards being a doctor. I’m a work in progress, and I’m not backsliding!”

Happy Birthday Harriet.

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