On the road again: Sedona, Arizona

Beautiful red rock is what will first catch your eye when you venture into Sedona, but for me, the attraction is the vortexes. What, you ask! A vortex is an energy field that affects you in various ways.

A masculine vortex will energize you and a feminine vortex will calm you down. And, it works. Today we spent the day in a calming vortex and I’m so relaxed even though we went for a short hike. Because of these vortexes, Sedona has become the center for all things spiritual. You’ll find all sorts of shops dedicated to the spiritual arts: readings, crystals, massage, and more.

In addition, sorry to say, Sedona has become some what of a tourist trap. We are staying in West Sedona away from the heart of the tourist frenzy. I will tell you more about this area in subsequent posts. We are here until June 6, so enjoy the red rock beauty with me.

Cross Country: Nashville (The Parthenon and honky tonkin)

June 26, 2013

Carol, my dear friend, we made it to Pigeon Forge and the Great Smokey Mountains today. This seems to be home to various attractions including Dollywood!

Yes, I know I said that we would try to make it to the Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky, but we changed our minds and came east to Pigeon Forge which is near the Great Smokey Mountains National Park. But, I think we are getting more than we bargained for!

Yesterday we visited the Parthenon in Nashville and then went honky tonkin (Nashville speak for clubbing). I was sort of disappointed in both. First let’s talk about the Parthenon. While I thought the building not spectacular, the reason for it being there was.

Nashville built this full-sized replica of the Greek temple for the Goddess Athena for the 1897 Tennessee Centennial and International Exposition. Other states and countries also built pavilions for the celebration. These structures were built so they could be torn down after the Centennial. However, the Parthenon, which housed a world-wide art exhibition, was a hit. So, they kept it up; and, in 1920, rebuilt the structure that stands today.

I thought the art was poorly displayed, and the only floor that we could take pictures on was full of headless, armless and legless statues—and, of course Athena! I did find some things I want to show you. I could show you more of the pictures, but I won’t.

After the Parthenon, we had dinner and were smart not to eat downtown. Remember I said Memphis was expensive? Well, Nashville is worse. We paid $14 to park instead of $4. And on it goes. Also, the clubs were more spread out. Memphis’s Beale Street was just three blocks and was closed to cars. It was easy to jump from one club to the other. Also, I think I didn’t enjoy it as much because we are not big country music fans. I did get some shots that I will show you. Please let me know if I’m putting in too many images.

Tomorrow, we will try to sort out all the attractions we stumbled upon and find the Great Smokey Mountains National Park. Carol, I’m not so sure we will make it into Dollywood.

Cross country: Memphis Tennessee and Beale Street 2

June 21, 2013

I lied! Well, not intentionally, but we did go clubbing again last night. The one club we were going to visit had closed down, so back to Beale we went. So, I hope you’re not bored looking at more images of Beale St. I did try some street photography and found that it’s really difficult—another learning curve.

There were no motorcycles, so the streets were less crowded and more manageable. This time we went to clubs we missed the night before except for the Jerry Lee Lewis club. We like Jason James and his band. Beale St. is like the Sacramento Music Festival condensed and scrunched.

This morning, on the banks of the Mississippi, life is swiftly passing by. Tugs are working hard to get large barges up and down the river, and the occasional log floats by.  The folks at this park always greet you, and enjoy chatting. I get to meet people from all over the U.S. On our morning walk, I met a couple from Memphis! They said they just like to come here and watch the Mississippi. Oh the joys of RV travel.

Today, we’re doing laundry and will to the Mississippi River sightseeing cruise, tour Sun Studio and in the evening go to a coffee house that has music on Friday and Saturday evenings. At least I hope it turns out that way. No more lies!



Cross country: Memphis, Tennessee and Beale Street

June 20, 2013

The old folks went clubbing last night. Yes, we followed the advice given us by one of the Memphis Boys band (who weren’t from Memphis) at the Sacramento Music Festival and just walked Beal Street, going into various clubs.

It was fantastic. Great music! You walk by a small club and the music draws you in. And you don’t have to walk far. All the clubs are in a jammed three blocks. For a three dollar cover charge, you can sit and enjoy all you want.

To add to the evening, every Wednesday is bike night. There were motorcycles up and down the three blocks. I’ll just let the photos tell you the rest.

Also, we tried Memphis barbecue at a well-known restaurant, but didn’t like it as much as the ribs in Little Rock. Tonight, we are going to a smaller club for their well-known New York style pizza and music. I just can’t wait until we get to New York for that Pizza! So we won’t be clubbing—just one club!