When Ann-Christine introduced her challenge she admitted it is difficult to choose a memorable event. She wrote: “I had to reflect upon it for some days before I knew what to choose… because life gives us quite some of these very special events, does not it? Happy Birthdays, surprising hikes, meetings with faraway friends, interesting exhibitions, travels to special places…”

It didn’t take me that long! My memories went to our cross country trip in 2013. This was a dream of mine and we decided to do it to commemorate our 50th wedding anniversary. This also coincided with the purchase of my Nikon D3100 and the beginning of my photography journey.

But, what do I pick from a 3-month (not long enough) trip? Memphis Tennessee! But what about Memphis? Beale Street! Just thinking about it brings back the food and music. If you love cat fish, that’s the place to be. If you love music, that’s definitely the place to be.

On our visit, we arrived at dusk to find Beale St blocked off for autos, but not motorcycles, especially when it came to a powder pink cycle with long eyelashes!

Hungry? You just had to step into one of the restaurants where an employee told you of the great food. And it was good.

After dinner, we started our musical adventure. As you walked by club after club, the music streamed out the open doors. Some had cover charges, some didn’t. But, oh my, what great sounds!

Some clubs carried famous names like B.B. King.

In Jerry Lee Lewis’ club, an entertainer played and sang just like Lewis would.

In one club, the singer played a request for me “Walking In Memphis” by Marc Cohen. I could have sat there forever.

All great evenings must end and so Beal Street must close.

I want to go back to Beal St for a few reasons, fun, music and now I know what ISO is!

Thank you Ann-Christine for helping me re-discover this magical night. I enjoyed seeing everyone’s Interesting Objects in response to Patti’s challenge last week, and look forward to seeing what Amy has in store for us next week. Remember to link to Ann-Christine’s post and use the Lens-Artists tag. I want to share in your memorable events.

34 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge #183: Memorable Events

    1. Thanks Sarah! We pulled and stayed in the 5th wheel trailer we had at the time. I’d rather take my home with me than stay at motels/hotels, especially since our dog made the trip with us. We went the southern route because we wanted to visit my cousin in Texas, then up the east coast and back the northern route.

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  1. What a memorable trip! So much music and so many happy people – and for your anniversary too – wonderful. I hear your voice filled with joy at the very thought of those days! Loved your photos of people, portraits with a soul.

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  2. There is no place like it. What a fantastic memory, and a great gift to yourself. I loved that you captured the entertainers in their elements. Because of that, I’ll bet you can “hear” them.

    Your memories and exuberance jump from your writing. 🤗 Donna

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