There are some moments that take our breath away, and it usually involves the sun. When it’s not shining things look dull and our mood is affected. When it is shining especially at sunup and sundown, our photographic juices get going. Guest host Siobhen of Bend Branches encourages us to post images of glowing moments that are special to us.

You know I love flowers. My friend Ray and I went to photograph a small tulip patch recently. I wanted to practice with my new lens. I’m doing better with it and think there’s just one more hurdle to overcome. I like how the sun makes the leaves almost transparent in places and highlights the flower.

The sun’s glow also helps create shadows. Notice the glow and shadows on the house and on the lawn. These were taken in Luray Virginia.

A trip a few years ago was special for me because we were with my cousins in Palm Desert. The sun is so special in the desert. The giraffe, with its special glow, was taken during sunset at the Living Desert in Palm Springs and the other two in the Painted Canyon, Mecca Hills.

My last examples are of waking up to a sunrise on a blanket of snow in Reno. These were taken in December last year at my son’s home. What a treat!

It was fun going through my archives to find glowing images. Thank you Siobhen for this relaxing challenge. Please remember to link to Siobhen’s post and use the Lens-Artist tag in your response. I enjoyed everyone’s interpretation of tricks last week. They were imaginative and beautiful. Thank you Donna. Next week Tina will be challenging us, so be sure to look for her post.

If you would like to participate weekly in our Lens-Artists Challenge, click here for more info. 

36 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge #244: Glowing Moments

  1. I love that you are always working on something even if there is not a challenge. The tulips are representative of that. And they look awesome. It was a great idea to showcase shadows on the houses too. Stunning shot of the giraffe and Mecca Hills is mesmerizing. A nice gallery Anne.

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  2. Thanks Donna! I’ve never taken a photo class, but have gained education by watching and talking with other photographers. Going out at least once a week also helps.


  3. Beautiful pictures of the tulips, Anne! Loved the backlit giraffe photo and the sunset at Palm Springs. Also liked the bench in the snowy desert. A nice place to take in the scene!

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  4. A fantastic collection, Anne. I love the golden light on the giraffe. And you’re so right about the transparent petals. I love how the sun can do that. You are always learning, which is wonderful. I love that!

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