The sun may be shining, but the devastation is still being cleared. The front entrance to the Sacramento Historic City Cemetery was closed because they were still clearing the trees that were downed in the recent wind and rain storms. Also, access to that area was mostly closed. That’s what we found during last week’s photo visit.

We did manage to get in via a side entrance and decided to stay in the back area of the cemetery. It looked newer but there were some beautiful headstones, statues and trees. I’ll put all the pictures in a gallery for you and caption where necessary. Oh, the ground was still a bit muddy and soft.

The sun is still out and we are enjoying dry but windy weather. I’m so glad this cemetery didn’t get any more damage. These statues and headstones are so old. You can’t replace history.

This is my last post for about a month. I’m going on a dream vacation. You’ll find out who, what, where when I return. Take care and stay safe.

7 thoughts on “Still Feeling the Storm’s Aftermath: Sacramento Historic City Cemetery

    1. Thanks Sarah! Sacramento used to be called the City of Trees. When you drive down the old city streets, the trees form a canopy. Now it’s called the Farm to Fork Capital. We’re getting high end restaurants downtown. I’m not sure I like the change.

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  1. Beautiful photos of interesting tombstones. I also enjoy looking at the many different kind of tombstones in cemeteries that I have visited. It is amazing how many beautiful and unusual varieties of tombstones can be found. Also, that tree is beautiful with the entwined trunk. Enjoy your vacation!


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