During our three-week rain, we were needing to get out with our cameras. So, we decided to re-visit our favorite indoor venues: The Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento and Antique Trove in Roseville.

We’ve been to the Crocker Art Museum many times so as I walked around I was looking for new art and maybe a new slant on things. I settled on shadows. Here are some art and shadows.

Some walls and indoor architecture were interesting also.

The Antique Trove always has new items and booths to explore. I was attracted by the neon signs. Of course all of them were advertising beer.

Here are some other items I found interesting.

Where do you go when it rains and you want to take your camera out? We have more museums to explore in the greater Sacramento area. We do need some more rain to get us out of this drought, but maybe not those atmospheric rivers we had. If I had my way, it would rain at night and the sun would shine during the day!

5 thoughts on “Going indoors!

  1. We’ve been hearing about the amount of rain you’ve had over there. I hope it’s improving now? Museums are a wonderful resource when the weather is bad 🙂 I do especially like your shadow photos – a different way of looking at the art. But I’m surprised the cafe is still closed, as everything is pretty much back to normal here.

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  2. Thanks Sarah! I don’t know why the cafe hasn’t reopened. Maybe they lost the vendor. A lot of restaurants shut down during the pandemic and never reopened. We’ve had a week of sunshine, allowing the ground to dry up a bit, but we are expecting more rain.

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