It’s either go out super early in the morning or go to a museum when it’s hot. In June we chose the museum–The Sacramento History Museum in Old Sacramento. As many times as I have been to Old Sacramento for various things, I never knew of this museum. I had my doubts as to whether it would be worthwhile. Was I surprised!

Not only did it give a great view of Sacramento’s history via pictures, text and artifacts, it was a photographer’s dream.

Just to give you a bit of the background, Sacramento was founded during the gold rush. You can read all about its history here. Being me I did all my photography before I started reading about my State Capitol’s history!

Here are some images of the lobby area.

The town’s newspaper, the Sacramento Bee. has a rich history in the area and is the newspaper I read daily. Of course, I now view it online. Here are exhibits dedicated to this newspaper.

As we were walking to our car, we saw a docent in period dress leading a tour and coming down to the museum. I thought this was a great museum to learn about Sacramento. It’s going to be a hot summer, so get ready for more museums!

8 thoughts on “The heat is on: Sacramento History Museum

  1. It’s great that you’re permitted to take photos here, as you should be in all museums! You’ve used them very effectively to promote this lovely-sounding museum. London is bracing itself for a super heatwave, possibly reaching 40 degrees next week (that’s 104 F) and breaking all records! Going to a museum sounds a good idea, but I couldn’t face the Tube in that heat so I think I’ll just stay home. Only problem is, we don’t have A/C (very few houses here do) so that’s not going to be very pleasant either 🥵🥵

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    1. Thank you Sarah! I’m going to have to tell my British friend about your heat wave. She keeps boasting about the weather in England. This is going to be a triple digit summer. Cool is in the mid to high 90s. Fortunately, we do have air conditioning so it’s good inside. One of our Toastmasters does this when the weather gets too hot. She buys a cheap styrofoam cooler, cuts a hole in the back, puts an ice block in it and turns on a fan behind it. That gets cool air churning. Good luck!

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