A rose will always be a rose! And I do love them. They are the only plants I personally take care of. I have a small but beautiful rose garden. But today I’m writing about my adventure at the McKinley Park Rose Garden in Sacramento.

Every year they have a photo contest to see which photographer will win the coveted first place prize. Last year, I was lucky enough to win first place. This is the winning photo.

This year I also went down to the garden to take photos. That day, the wind was blowing and the roses were either on their way out or budding. But with my macro lens on my Fuji, I did my best. I used a high shutter speed and hoped for a slight breeze. Of course it was the last week of the contest–no going back another day! You know I procrastinate.

Here are the best of lot. We are allowed five entries. In 2020 I received an honorable mention.

We’ll see what happens and I’ll let you know–even if I don’t place.

19 thoughts on “Just a short post: McKinley Rose Garden

  1. Congrats on winning the contest with that stunning image, Anne! I have a long history with McKinley Park. I worked for the City of Sacramento Parks and Rec for 32 years and was housed at the Clunie Community Center adjacent to the McKinley Library. I also oversaw the swimming pools city-wide, including the Clunie Pool. On particularly stressful days I walked along the park path and stopped to smell all the amazing roses in the garden. I’m glad there are some good activities and photography happening there!

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        1. I can only guess. Country type living? When we moved here, my daughter-in-law came home saying you know that you’re in the country when traffic is stopped in Citrus Heights for cows. Citrus Heights still had some farms then; not now.

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  2. Your winning shot was great – so are the others! My poor roses have suffered this year in SoCal, but installing drip will help. Gardens like these are fun to explore.

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