“In layman’s terms, photography is quite simply the process of capturing light with a camera to create an image.”… PhotographyTalk.com

When you read the above quote, you realize that Patti’s challenge of Light and Shadow goes to the essence of what we do as photographers. We can’t take a picture without light or the absence of it, shadow.

In fact, in black and white photography you absolutely need the contrast between light and shadow. The image below is Waterton Lake in Waterton Lake National Park, Canada. The success of it in black and white relies on the light, shadows and contrast.

Next we have a sculpture at the River Walk in West Sacramento. On the left see it as it really is, and on the right see the shadow it casts.

Light can also add character to a subject. The way the light hits this old wheel adds to its texture and age and adds shadows.

This aging sculpture in the Sacramento Historic City Cemetery is back lit. The sun almost adds a halo effect.

Just changing your perspective changes the image. The feeling of this iconic sculpture in Roseville taken in bright sunlight changes when taken from a different side and in the shade.

And, finally, what do we do when there is no light? We use artificial light. The Tower theater’s sign is shining bright in neon in Downtown Roseville, and a Christmas display lights up this fake house front, putting the people in shadow.

How we use light and shadow creates our own personal photography style.

Thank you Patti for this fun post and bringing us back to the basics of photography. When you post your reply, remember to link to Patti’s post and tag Lens-Artists. Next week’s challenge will be presented by Ann-Christine through her Leya site. So stay tuned!

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43 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #198: Light and Shadow

  1. Not only super photos but a great commentary on the importance of light for our photography and the way changing the light alters the image 🙂 I especially love the layers in that Waterton Lake shot!

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  2. Nice work, Anne. The shot of the lake is lovely – was it originally in color? I am a big fan of turning color images into B&W. Even when I do film, of course they get scanned, and one person from whom I have bought some really old cameras always suggests using color and then converting it. Anyway, totally enjoyed this article and thoughts – keep on shooting!

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    1. Thanks -N! Yes the lake shot was originally shot and processed in color. When I do black and whites, I always process in color to get more tonal quality and then bring it into NIK Silver Efex for the black and white treatment.

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  3. Beautiful examples of light and shadow, Anne! Thanks for the tour of areas of Sacramento and Roseville. I’ve been to the City cemetery although it has been many years. Love the shadow of the boat sculpture on the West Sac River Walk!

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  4. The first image is magical, Anne! I love how you capture the shadow of scultures. Thank you for showing us that we can use light and shadow to create our own photography style. Good point!

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