This week, John asks us to share anything special about our birthdays. I’ve always had to share my birthday. No, not with another sibling, but a National holiday–Father’s Day! Are there any other June 18 birthdays out there? I sympathize with anyone who shares their special day with a major holiday.

Here’s a photo I have of a shared holiday in 2010. Richard is opening his Father’s Day gift and I’m opening my birthday gift.

Today, I’m sharing celebrations of many sorts. My grandkids have brought me great joy as they’ve grown up. Let’s begin with the older set.


Prom 2010


High School Graduation 2013

The younger set: Olivia and Ryan

They joined our family when Ryan was 3 and Olivia 10 months. They filled Greg and Jessica’s lives with joy and happiness. Ours too. Here are some fun first times with them.

I love this picture even though it is poor quality.
At Christmas. Olivia is wearing her pretty Christmas dress while riding on Christopher’s shoulders.
Ryan decorating his grandfather’s face!

Time moves on. All the grandkids have gotten older. I’m just happy that we’ve had the opportunity to watch our grandchildren progress through life. This is truly a cause for celebration!

Oh, I checked, and in 2023 my birthday will be exactly on Father’s Day!

We enjoyed your earth story posts from last week. They were varied and so interesting. Thank you. Please remember to tag John’s post so we can find it in the WordPress reader. Next week Sofia will host our challenge.

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32 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge #193: They Say It’s Your Birthday

  1. Beautiful Anne, thanks for sharing your beautiful family with us! As for shared birthdays – my mom has you beat. Her granddaughter (my niece) was born on her exact birthday. Since then let’s just say the lions’ share of the attention goes to the little one LOL.

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  2. What wonderful family photos and memories, Anne. Just lovely. It must be so gratifying to see your grandchildren grow up. You’ve had to share a birthday! Do you get your own cake or do you share that, too??? πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

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  3. Beautiful, Anne – a lovely family and grandchildren! Precious moments to share – and sharing birthdays…well I had my daughter two days before my own. I’m grateful she came then, so I could enjoy my best birthday ever, with a little newborn in my arms. My favourite picture is the first zoo visit – holding hands and all. So precious and sweet!


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