I like standard time during the winter months because it means the sun sets early making photographing in the dark more feasible, getting me home early in the evening. Thank you Sofia for offering this challenge that fits perfectly with a recent visit to Old Sacramento.

My small group of senior photographers visited the waterfront last month to capture the new Ferris Wheel installed as an attraction to draw more visitors.

When we arrived, we came upon a guy break dancing. He kept on performing as darkness fell and his jar filled with dollar bills.

We then walked out on the Tower Bridge (A Sacramento landmark) to capture the Ferris Wheel and waterfront. I’ll be honest, we did not use tripods (which is suggested in low-light photography). As the cars went over the bridge, the resulting rumble would have made the tripods useless.

We then walked back to the waterfront to get a better view of the Ferris wheel.

While we were photographing the wheel, the sun had almost set. I ran to a vantage point and fortunately got a decent sunset and reflections.

Now, back to the bridge for the Ferris wheel in action after nightfall.

As we were walking up to the street, I was lucky to see this image: A restaurant with the Ferris wheel reflected in the window. I couldn’t resist photographing it.

I had so much fun this evening which included a cup of hot chocolate. Low-light photography presents challenges but the rewards are great. I’ve also enjoyed light painting and indoor photography.

Thank you Sofia for this fun challenge that fit perfectly with my photo activities. Please be sure to link your post to Sofia’s, and use the Lens-Artists tag. Next week I’ll be presenting the challenge.

43 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #186: Low Light

  1. Where we live in Ontario(we live in the country) we have lots of coyotes and sometimes coywolves ( cross breed) they are brazen as anything and I have seen them in broad daylight trotting down our driveway! At night they howl and yip and I was warned that when they know a dog is out one will start yipping as if it was injured hoping the dog will come to investigate. When it does the pack will descend on the dog and that will be the end of the dog. I also know someone who had a mini schnauzer that was attacked by coyotes and they left only the bones. Another small dog was attacked but survived with injuries. Our back yard is fenced in but my husband or I always go out with our little dog at night. A white coyote would be rare. An albino coyote!

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      1. Well in the end I sent an email to WP and told them about it and also I could not like anything at the end of the evening. They came back and said it was a browser issue. Hmmmm….that’s just passing the buck I think.

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  2. What a difference between daytime and evening! I love how you showed the passage of time and the changes in the light and scene. The evening shots are fabulous–the sunset, the ferris wheel, the bridge….just wonderful! That was a great idea to show the “before” and “after.”

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  3. That whole series of ferris wheels has come out so nicely. I’m always amazed by the transition you captured. The light moves from good to bad, and then the photos become interesting again, because artificial lights come on.

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  4. A day’s journey – beautifully captured, Anne! And I can easily understand you greatly enjoyed it too. Love your ferris wheel photos and the bridges. My favourite too is the reflection.

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  5. I love the way your walked us through Old Sacramento with your camera so we could see the light change WITH you. Loved all the photos, the bridge…spectacular. And the most interesting was the reflection of the Ferris wheel in the window. I love your photographic eye, and talent. So nice! Donna

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