Every day, something changes–whether we want it to or not. In his challenge John asks us to think about change: “Maybe it’s the changes in your family over the years, the change of seasons in your favorite park, or even the change in the technology of your camera equipment. In short, what does “change” mean to you?”

I thought about it, and what came to my mind was how Sacramento has changed since I started photography. First are some of the things we lost.

The first blow to photographers was Daffodil Hill. This beautiful hillside of color and flowers closed last year because of too many visitors. It’s remote location caused the one road in and out to become jammed, and visitors were not staying on the designated paths. Daffodil Hill was owned by the McLaughlin family who planted and cared for their farm. This was their labor of love to be enjoyed by many.

Daffodil Hill

The next thing we lost was the annual Sacramento Music Festival. We worked on and enjoyed the festival for several years. I loved walking from venue to venue, listening to wonderful music. It discontinued because of money loss.

One change that was fought and won was Sacramento City Council’s decision to remove the flowers from the Sacramento Historic Cemetery. The decision was made because when the cemetery was first founded there were no flowers and they wanted to keep it true to its history! The public and the gardeners won. The team of gardeners is volunteer based, and thanks to them we continue to enjoy this amazing place.

Ever changing are the murals that brighten Sacramento each year through Wide Open Walls. We go downtown each year to see what new art adorns the city’s walls.

One of my favorites.

New to Sacramento, specifically Old Sacramento, is the Ferris Wheel along the waterfront. After fixing the wood walkways, the city wanted an attraction to bring families into the Old City.

Last, is a thing we want changed: the homeless. There have been many programs offered to help. Some have succeeded, some haven’t.

Asleep on a sidewalk/curb in Old Sacramento.

Among the venues we hope don’t change is Effie Yeaw Nature Center. This center along the American River is close to us and offers us the nearness to wildlife like deer, coyotes, wild turkeys, etc. I hope this center continues for years to come.

A buck at Effie Yeaw.

So, because change is inevitable, we need to embrace it and continue on. Isn’t it wonderful that we are able to capture things we enjoy on camera before they disappear!

Thank you John for giving us a reason to pause and reflect. Last week Amy helped us to remember our travels and what they have taught us; next week Sophia leads the challenge. Look for her post. Remember to link to her post and use the Lens-Artists tag in WordPress.

30 thoughts on “Lens-Artist Challenge #185: Change

  1. What a wonderful take on change Anne! I agree that sometimes change takes place and removes things we would like to keep and other times is give us something new that we like. Things never stay the same and that can be difficult when you go back to a place and what you remember about it is not the same anymore.

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    1. Thanks John! Unfortunately, they don’t change the murals. So far, there hasn’t been much degradation, just some loss of color vibrancy. I suppose when they run out of walls, there will be some painting over.

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  2. Hi, Anne. I really like how you highlighted change in your community and how you and others fought change and won. I share your love of street art. I hope the nature center has a very long life, too. As for the homeless problem, I agree that it needs to be addressed. It is very serious and needs a multi-pronged solution.

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    1. Thanks Patti! The homeless problem is one that I don’t think will ever go away. It’s worldwide. So far, the only thing that has worked is the City gave each person $25. to clean up the campground. As long as this approach continues, the campgrounds are clean. Now the State is trying to pour money into affordable housing. It’s a tough world that our photography give us some relief from.

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  3. A beautiful take on the challenge, Anne – with some great images for us too. So sorry about some things we lose, but life works that way. And thanks to our cameras, we will keep the memories alive!

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  4. A very interesting interpretation, I really liked your publication, Anne. There is no choice but to accept the changes, whether it suits us or not.


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