Can one picture really tell a story? It can, but it depends on the person whose memories it jiggles. This week Ann-Christine asks us to post one picture that tells one story. We can post more than one image along with its story. While going through my archives, I found I typically relate stories with people. Here are three from my past photographic adventures.

In this story, meet Greg Morris. We met when I began photography. We were both of advancing age and could easily keep up with each other. We began going on photo outings once a week. He would drive and I would buy lunch. I’d never knew where we would end up, but we took the day to get there and back. This was taken during a trip to the historical town of Locke in 2015. Always posting selfies (Set up in his home studio.) in our local camera group, it was logical that he would pose as the Mona Lisa for me.

Soon after that trip, Marlene joined us for the remainder of our adventures until Greg passed away from brain cancer.

This next story takes place in Palm Desert in 2016. We joined my cousins at their time share. They went there every year to relax, I went to be with them and take photos and Richard (husband) came for no other reason than to be with us. We were at the Coachella Valley Preserve in Thousand Palms near sunset. The desert can be beautiful. This image shows my cousins walking hand in hand. I could feel the love between them. It was so beautiful.

My last image is a shadowed shot of three amigos, me, Marlene and Laura, commemorating our photography vacation in Kauai. It’s Marlene’s practice to take a shadow picture when we go on a shoot. We had a great time taking our photos and eating shave ice. I learned it’s not necessary to carry every piece of camera equipment through the airports. Laura decided it was good to keep a Snicker bar handy just in case I got hungry. Marlene discovered it’s not good to fall and hurt your foot the first day out. I was also introduced to Fujifilm, Marlene’s new camera, and knew I had to have one.

Three trips down memory lane. Thank you Ann-Christine!

27 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge #176: One Story

  1. I love all three examples, all three stories are wonderful.
    And yes, an image can tell one or a thousand stories. Your memories together with those images complement them, but if you had not explained it to us, I think each image would have already told us a lot… Monalisa shows us a man with a great sense of humor, essential for a good life… That couple, a walk full of love, confidences, complicity… Three shadows, which in their proximity reminded me of the sculpture of the Three Graces, which represented beauty, charm and joy. 😘

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  2. Lovely stories, although one a bit sad as well. Beautiful photography and the stories told in great warmth. I’m especially thinking of the Coachella valley. Thank you for sharing them, Anne.


  3. I love the memories, images, and moods here, Anne. A lovely collection. What a bittersweet memory of your friend Greg and fun memories of your photo outings with the 3 amigos. I really enjoyed this post. 😀

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