Just look around you. Wherever you are, open your mind and see the shapes and designs of the objects around you. In this week’s challenge, Patti encourages us to see the shapes and designs around us. Truthfully, I didn’t truly see the possibilities until I started photography. Now I see them everywhere!

For instance at an outing to Ironstone Vineyards a few years ago, we were down in their cellar that they call the Cavern. The round wine barrels stacked and angled down a cavern hallway offers many shapes and designs.

Water lends itself to shapes and designs too. The fountain at the Fountains shopping center offers many shapes and designs. A single burst of water takes its own shape while the entire fountain lets your imagination free. A crystal ball turns our design upside down.

Fairs and carnivals also offer us photographic opportunities for shapes and design. The Ferris wheel was photographed at the Nevada County Fair. Just sitting still we can recognize many shapes like triangles, rectangles and, of course, round. But at night during a carnival, light play turns it into a design bursting with color.

Sunflowers give us various shapes too.

I’ll end with trees. They are beautiful in design with their branches gracefully stretching out. Add some fog and you have a more dramatic scene.

Thank you Patti for helping us find adventure in our archives!

42 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge #174: Shapes and Designs

  1. I love the descriptions you add to our post. Encouraged me to relook . Fro example the water taking its own shape and the ferris wheel is not just a Ferris wheel, but a work of art, if we let it. Very nice. Donna

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      1. I have seen a lot of growth in your work since following your blog. Challenges help you think or see differently. Keep up the good work!


  2. You’re so right that being a photographer means that you see things differently. I find that even when I’m not carrying a camera I’m inclined to look at the patterns made by certain objects and start to consider how I’d frame them and how they would look. I love your water droplet and the angle you took to photograph those barrels!

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  3. Beautiful photographs, Anne. The Ferris wheel at night took on a life of its own and the wine barrels were fabulously captured. It was wonderful to see all this beauty through your lens. That reminds me, the lens ball image was fantastic too.


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