I like to photograph at slow shutter speeds and zoom my lens in and out. So when I learned there was a small carnival at a the Sunrise Mall shopping center, in Citrus Heights, parking lot, my photo buddies and I got down there. We did the same visitation in 2018 and the carnival was much better: more rides, more people and a working Ferris wheel. I think the almost rainy weather may have had something to do with it.

But, I had fun anyway. Here’s some of what I captured that evening.

I’ve got my camera ready for next year. Hopefully there will be a working Ferris wheel and more rides.

27 thoughts on “Color and light: Night time carnival

    1. Thanks Sarah! I do use a tripod for this type of photography. I’ve taken one to the State Fair and it was okay. I just have to be careful that nobody knocks it down. I’m always holding on to it or have it tethered to me.

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  1. Thank you Amy! I use Manfroto’s BeFree tripod so it isn’t so difficult to carry and I wasn’t there more than 1 hour. As I said, there wasn’t as much there as in prior years.


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