No, I’m not being lazy. Patti, through her Street Art, challenge has given me the opportunity to continue my series on Wide Open Walls and also post on her request.

As I wrote in Part 1, Wide Open Walls is a yearly activity in Sacramento sponsored by stores, companies, etc. Artists come from all over to exhibit their art on brick, stucco and other finishes all over Sacramento. This year we went out three times in search of the new murals and whatever else we could find. We go on Sundays so we don’t have to pay for parking.

I like this type of art for its bright colors, imagination and in many cases messages. I try to dodge cars and other objects. And I sometimes break the murals up in three pieces to get the entire piece in closer than what a wide angle could do. Here is what I captured on a recent outing.

Part three is coming right after I edit them! Stay tuned!! Thank you Patti for letting me do two in one!

27 thoughts on “Lens Artist Challenge #170: Street Art; and Wide Open Walls, part 2

  1. Holy smokes Anne – what an amazing array! I loved the tall vertical building, the tiger and of course the puppy! But what happens to the art when the festival ends? Is there art all over Sacramento that is fading and peeling, or is the art maintained somehow? Wonderful set this week!


    1. Thanks Tina! They stay there until whatever or the owner of the wall paints over them. I haven’t seen too many that are in a sorry state over the years. To my knowledge the art is not maintained.


  2. Another wonderful selection πŸ™‚ I would be straight off to Sacramento right now if I lived anywhere near by! I have to pick out #21 as a particular favourite I think.


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