It’s sort of early here in Sacramento for Fall color which is Amy’s challenge this week. In fact, we don’t get much of our own but have to drive about 2 hours to see the lovely yellows and oranges. So let’s look back on previous years and day trips.

Let’s look at what 2018 brought us when Marlene and I visited Markleevile.

In 2019, Jean and I went on a Fall Color search near the town of Murphys and Calaveras Big Trees State Park. Not much color to see!

The following year, 2020, wasn’t a banner year for colorful leaves. Jean and I went hunting in the Eastern Sierras.

Maybe we will get lucky this year. Laura and I are planning a hunting trip in a few weeks. Wish us luck. Thank you Amy!

16 thoughts on “Lens Artist Challenge #167: Colors of Autumn

  1. Good luck on your hunt for color this autumn, Anne. It’s erratic, isn’t it? Too much rain or drought or wind…and poof! No color! I love the photos you showed us from prior trips. I love those reds, oranges, and golds.


    1. Thanks Patti! Nature is fickle. We went to photograph almond trees while they were in blossom. A few days before our outing, we had a big wind storm. Not many blossoms were left on the trees. I’m just hoping we get a lot of rain this winter. Maybe then things will return to normal–whatever that is!

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