Sofia had us looking up and down. Now, Patti has us looking all around. She is challenging us to go wide, opening up our vistas.

Being lazy and not liking to change lenses in the field, I shoot my wide angles with 18 mm + lens. I do have a 10 to 20 mm lens for my Nikon, but seldom used it. When I bought my Fujifilm, I didn’t purchase an ultra wide lens. For today’s challenge, I’m going back to 2018 for some different kind of wide angle shots. These were mostly shot with my Nikon D7100 and 18 – 200 mm lens.

Let’s start with a 9/11 Flag Tribute which is more than appropriate today. This is arranged in West Sacramento on a vacant lot each year. I’m going back today to experience this once again.

The Grand Canyon (South Rim) screams for a wide angle shot. But not all wide angle shots are taken outdoors. Here I have the beautiful canyon and also the amazing Desert View Watch Tower (Which would have been perfect for the looking up/down challenge!). All were taken at 18 mm.

Each year Sacramento hosts the Wide Open Walls festival where artists from all over the world are invited to paint murals on buildings. The Johnny Cash mural was shot at 27 mm, and the monkey was shot at 18 mm (both) in a vertical format.

I’ll close with landscapes of Downieville a small resort town north of Sacramento. When we arrived, the weather turned on us and looked like rain. We’d sure welcome it now! I do love clouds and sometimes feature them in the landscape image. These were taken at 17 mm so I must have used my 17-70 mm 2.8 lens.

Today, when I go visit the 911 Flag Tribute, I’ll be using my 18-55 mm lens and get more wide angle images! Thanks for this challenge Patti!

19 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge #165: Going Wide

  1. Great post, Anne and wonderful images, too. You really chose the right vistas/scenes for your wide-angle shots. I especially like your images of the flags which work really well with the wide-angle lens. They really convey a sense of power and beauty and patriotism. The wide angle work really well for the murals, too. I didn’t know about the tower. Thanks for sharing that!


    1. Thanks Tina! I never used my ultra wide except for real estate shots. I think 18 mm on a crop sensor is enough and can still be considered wide angle. But, I really miss using an 18 to 200 mm as a walk around lens. Fuji doesn’t make one. 😢


  2. I love this series, Anne! It’s so nice to view these images side-by-side. The flag image is beautiful and powerful. I, too, carry just one lens ( 18-300 mm) when I travel. 🙂


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