While I would like to take photos when the light is just right, sometimes I can’t. Then I go with what I’ve got! Yes, photography is all about the light or maybe the absence of it. This week, Tina has given us the challenge to share images that show the power of light.

I’ll start this post with a shot from Yosemite at first light in the Valley.

As the sun rises throughout the day, we get shadows depending on how high the sun is. Of course, when it’s directly overhead, that’s not the best time to take photos. The next two were taken in Locke California in the partial morning sun.

We can see how colors become dramatic when the sun hits them. Sedona, Arizona.

I think when the sun shines on even a mushroom it adds dimension and helps the picture pop. Here are two examples of sun and shade.

I love to take photos of flowers. This tulip almost looks as if it has a candle glowing inside because of the way the sun is hitting it. Taken at Ananda Village.

As the sun sets objects seem to have a glow. Taken at the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens in Palm Desert.

And finally the sun goes below the horizon and we have darkness–no light except man made. The Tower Bridge in Old Sacramento.

Controlling the light is another challenge for me. I bought diffusers, but haven’t used them yet. I guess I need to get started! Thanks Tina for this insightful challenge!

14 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge #162: It’s all about the light

  1. What a remarkable selection of photos for this challenge. The tulip is especially remarkable because of the light coming through the petals. I liked all of them but that tulip really caught my eye.

  2. Wow Anne, that Yosemite image is dazzling! I also really loved your glowing tulip – magical indeed. I’ve not worked with a diffuser either although I’ve taken a class on it. One of these days.

    1. Thanks Tina! Yes one day we will do it all! I’ve seen how the diffuser can change the light and it’s amazing. However, you need a stand or another person to hold it.

  3. You have a nice display here – I like the metal barn and tulip especially, but the one with the giraffe really catches my eye. Thanks for sharing!

  4. You are so right about the challenge of light for photography. Love your tower bridge and giraffe pics most of all. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘

  5. Great images of lights, Anne! The first image of Yosemite is amazing, beautiful reflections! It got better when I scrolled down.

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